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Our Mission:
Transforming Cash Management

Analyste knows Cash and Treasury Management

Analyste Oy was founded in March 2018, when Basware divested its Cash Management business. The product portfolio consisted of the Banking SaaS and CashForecast solutions, as well as their license-based predecessors.  Analyste is proud to be an independent player in the market again: The Analyste saga begun already in the 1980's and the business was part of Basware for 12 years between 2006 and 2018. 

Payment transactions and solutions regarding them have always been the core business of Analyste Oy. Until August 2018, the CashForecast solution was white-labeled from Exidio's Trezone, but soon after becoming independent, Analyste acquired Exidio in August 2018 in order to provide the full Trezone solution portfolio to its customers. With the addition of Trezone, Analyste ties together bank interfacing and streamlining of Treasury processes in organizations of all sizes and shapes. 


Management Team

Mikko Soirola


Mikko is a seasoned IT professional with extensive background in leading growth businesses both in Finland as well as internationally. Strong focus and extensive 20+ years’ experience from other top management positions in companies such as Liaison Technologies, Sun Microsystems and Progress Software has given him the first-hand experience what it takes to lead the change, differentiate from the competition and keep the “customer first” -attitude in the forefront of the company DNA.

Mikko brings his knowledge to lead Analyste live up to its vision of being the “global thought leader in Cash Management solutions”.

Anna-Lisa Natchev


Anna-Lisa has over ten years of experience in the area of solution selling and international business, including key roles in organizations like IBM and Basware. Her long-time experience from delivering value and customers success for international organizations brings along excellent understanding and a deep appreciation for current and future Analyste customers and partners. Anna-Lisa is also active in different volunteering roles that aim to shape the future technological and regulatory framework in Finland and the Nordics.

Mika Kahilaluoma

Head of professional services and customer support

Mika Kahilaluoma heads the Analyste Professional Services and Customer Support units.

Mika has more than two decades of experience in customer implementation projects and support services in the payment industry, both for SaaS -services and licensed products.

Standardized implementation projects, along with productized SaaS services, ensure a stable operating environment for the customer.

Brian Hopkins


Brian has over two decades of experience in the area of payment automation, including key roles in product delivery and product management. Brian’s long-time experience from close customer co-operation has brought him excellent understanding on how electronic account reporting and payment management has evolved in organizations over the years, varying from the small and medium size businesses to the large shared service centers.

Brian uses his experience to lead product development and enhance customer processes from manual repetition to process automation and exception management.

Sanna Outa-Ollila


Sanna Outa-Ollila is responsible for growing Analyste’s business internationally. Sanna has a strong drive and experience for finding solutions to help treasuries achieve brilliant results while reducing manual effort. Over the past 13 years, as the COO of Exidio (acquired by Analyste Aug 2018), she has cooperated with customers, partners and banks to deliver value to multinational corporations through the Trezone solution. With the Analyste offering of bank interfaces combined with a superior treasury toolbox, this will be even more rewarding and fun going forward.

Timo Hämäläinen


Timo Hämäläinen works as the CFO for Analyste. Timo has vast experience of three decades in corporate treasury processes, out of which he has worked for close to 20 years as an entrepreneur providing SaaS solutions for corporate treasuries internationally. Timo loves easy-to-use software and believes that corporations of all sizes can meet their requirements in the area of payment automation and treasury management in a fast and cost-effective manner by simply selecting the right cloud services to use.

Tommi Kosonen

Head of Business Development

Tommi Kosonen is the Head of Business Development at Analyste. Tommi has been working at Analyste over 25 years which has given him a strong knowledge in selling payment services in public as well as private sector. Tommi’s long career and long-term customer relationships make it possible to bring the customer’s voice in our product development.

Ville Wettenhovi


Ville Wettenhovi leads Analyste’s R&D organization. Ville has over twenty years of experience in several leading roles in the product development industry. His technical background in international environment and passion for software development creates an ideal combination for understanding the product development and the technical implementation possibilities.

Ville holds an MSc degree from Helsinki University of Technology (nowadays Aalto University). Prior to joining Analyste, Ville has worked in various technical and leading roles with Siemens, SSH Communications, Firsthop, Airwide Solutions, Mavenir Systems, and Enreach Solutions.

Board of Directors

Matti Viljo



Torbjörn Sandberg



Janne Holmia



Iikka Moilanen


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