Analyste Banking - more than just making payments

A future banking solution that covers the advanced needs of finance teams in organizations of all sizes

Analyste Banking SaaS is a browser-based multi-bank service for automating the payments and account reporting of companies and organizations.The biggest difference between a licensed software and a cloud service is that in the cloud service, for example, updates are included. This means that for example, the changes coming from banks will not cause any action. 

As a result of integrated best payment practices, the Banking service offers a transparent payment process that is always in compliance with legislation and the requirements of internal control. 

The modular structure of Analyste Banking ensures that the software is suitable for companies and organizations of all sizes. It is designed to meet the requirements of multi-company environments, and it provides service centers a centralized payment automation solution. The company-specific home currency processing feature makes it possible to perform the accounting transfers of coded vouchers in accordance with the home currency of the company.

The basic version of the Banking SaaS includes ISO 20022-compliant payment services to the banks in use. The basic version of the software can be supplemented based on organization needs by taking into use extension features described in this product description. These extension features include coding and archiving functions and converters, among other things.

The browser-based user interface of Banking is available in Finnish and English. Each user can independently select the language of the user interface.

In Banking you handle:

  • Account Reporting
  • Payment Automation
  • Segregation of Duties
  • Payment Security
  • Two factor authentication
  • Single- Sign on
  • Audit Trail
  • International Bank Connectivity 

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Also Bonava upgraded to Banking, check out their experiences in the video below!

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