Rolling Forecasts: benefits, key principles & scenario modelling (Part 2)

27.05.2020 by Analyste

Our previous, Part 1 in the series: Rolling Forecasts: is it time to abandon the traditional budget? (Part 1) investigated the methodology of the


Rolling Forecasts: is it time to abandon the traditional budget? (Part 1)

13.05.2020 by Analyste

The traditional budget has been the mainstay of business finance for as long as we can remember but, with the arrival of cloud technologies and a new


Intercompany Netting – a simple concept with a great track record

21.04.2020 by Analyste

I was recently invited by Anne-Marie Rice, Market Strategist at Analyste, a leading provider of cash management cloud solutions, to participate in a


Crisis Management: Why treasury & finance are pivotal to recovery

14.04.2020 by Analyste

Initiating a crisis management strategy is now top priority for people, businesses and Governments alike. Utilising and developing survival


Firms look to better cash management capabilities

02.04.2020 by Analyste


Business as we know it has changed – Cash is King, long live cash

01.04.2020 by Analyste

Business as we know it has changed, at least for the foreseeable future. Organisations with transparent cash visibility and modern liquidity management


Say goodbye to spreadsheets (Part 2)

10.03.2020 by Analyste

In last week’s blog, Say goodbye to spreadsheets (Part 1), we looked at the reason why almost 50% of finance and treasury professionals continue to


Say goodbye to spreadsheets (Part 1)

03.03.2020 by Analyste

A recent Analyste cash management survey showed that 43 percent of respondents continue to experience issues with their cash flow forecasting.


Does Cash Forecasting really matter?

25.02.2020 by Analyste

Cash forecasting continues to be the one area that many senior treasury and finance professionals struggle to do well. Some would go as far as to say,