Payment Automation

If you’re struggling to capture approvals, decrease time-consuming manual processes and seeking to go paperless, grow rapidly and minimize your manual payment processes as well as ensure your compliance, it might be time to explore your payment automation solutions.

AP automation and looking into your accounts payable process is important, but if your way of actually making the payments and handling multiple payment types is not optimized, you are not getting the benefits you are looking for. For most companies, the only measure of success for the payments process is making sure that the bills get paid on time, whatever the cost. It’s hard to make a case for change until you define the process and evaluate how much better you could be doing with payment automation.

 Sending payment materials to an international network of multiple banks can be automated in accordance with the needs of each organization. By utilizing payment automation solutions, the organization's financial management team can carry out more productive tasks instead of performing routine tasks and monitoring. In addition, payment solutions should have built-in user management guaranteeing segregation of duties, audit trails and document storage as well as logs for audit preparedness.

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Explore how our services can support your business abroad

Via domestic intermediary bank

For small business needs abroad. For example company's liquidity transfer from foreign account. Standard SWIFT account reporting from banks.

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Gateway connectivity to multinational banks

For companies with extensive business needs, and with requirements to handle bulk payments and account reporting in local formats. Smooth and secure file exchange with multiple banks.

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