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LIisa ja Amanda

Automated payment management saves Bonava’s time 

Bonava is the leading residential construction builder in Northern Europe, creating homes and neighborhoods. The company operates in eight countries with 2100 residential professionals. Analyste has helped to automate the financial processes of the constantly growing business of Bonava, which in turn saves time and reduces operating costs. 

Bonava has started its operations already in the 1930s. At present, the group builds more than 10 000 homes annually. For Bonava, it is important that the pricing of apartments actually enables residents being able to buy them. 

-“Although we want to decrease housing prices, it doesn’t mean that we are compromising on quality,” says accountant Amanda Kujo. 

User-friendly implementation project 

Bonava’s Financial Manager Liisa Viima has been using Analyste’s solutions in her previous jobs, starting from 1992. With the continuous development and cutting-edge technology, Analyste’s products have evolved, and customers can now enjoy their benefits, such as increased automation of payment management. In 2018, Bonava deployed the Analyste Banking SaaS cloud service, a multi-bank software designed to automate corporate payments and account reporting. 

-The deployment process was really user-friendly. We get the transaction codings from the software; we can send the payments, receive the incoming reference payments and import them directly into our ERP system. It’s really cool. We moved a massive leap forward, Liisa rejoices. 

-Volumes and hence the number of vouchers, for example, are increasing all the time. It is essential that we have proper tools, Liisa emphasizes. 

Up to 20% time savings due to automation 

Time savings are now significant thanks to Analyste and the Banking SaaS cloud solution. The automation of the company’s payment management has released up to one-fifth of Amanda’s working time as manual routine work is now done automatically. 

-Previously we coded all of our bank account statements manually. Statements were first printed and then the transaction entries were keyed into the general ledger manually. It was awful, Amanda laughs. 

-Analyste Banking is very easy to use and intuitive program. It’s super easy to use, without the need of long trainings, Amanda says. 

“We can recommend Analyste’s software and services from our heart.” 

Liisa feels that Analyste’s products truly offer value for the money. If you count together your time savings and other benefits enabled by Analyste, the result is definitely on the positive side. 

-We can recommend Analyste’s software and services from our heart. The product is fantastic, Liisa emphasizes. 


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