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Founded in 1905 and based in Norway, Hydro is a fully integrated aluminium company. With over a hundred years of operations and 35 000 employees in 40 countries on all continents, the company combines local expertise, worldwide reach and unmatched capabilities in R&D.

In addition to producing primary aluminium, rolled and extruded products and recycling, Hydro extracts bauxite, refines alumina and generates energy to be the only 360° company of the global aluminium industry.

Hydro has been using Analyste since 2018 for the handling of its daily internal FX dealing, concentrating on FX spot, FX forwards and FX swaps.

Analyste, as regarded by Hydro users, is very user-friendly and facilitates the handling of the company’s internal FX. The ease-of-use for new users too has led to great satisfaction within units onboarded. With automated market pricing of transactions and STP with Hydro’s treasury and cash management system, front office resources have now been able to focus more on monitoring and managing the external FX risks and exposures.

Hydro’s FX manager, Sten Arne Rødser recommends Analyste for corporations with a centralized finance function for simplifying the handling of internal FX business.