The Trezone product family controls Uponor's subsidiaries' currency risk

Uponor is one of the world’s leading suppliers of construction and community development systems. Uponor operates in over 30 countries and has dozens of subsidiaries. For the subsidiaries, Analyste Trezone product family enables currency risk management without disrupting their employees.

- We consider it important that we can monitor what happens in the subsidiaries, what is the financial situation, and what changes are happening. Here we rely heavily on systems, says Petri Wistrand, Treasury Manager of Uponor.

The Analyste Trezone product family is an excellent solution for the financial management of Uponor’s subsidiaries.

Trezone is the best system for Uponor

Wistrand praises how easy it is to deploy the Analyste modules. They are easy to adapt even for new employees that have previously been using different systems.

 - We have had the principle that we strive to introduce systems that we feel are the best for us. Then we integrate them, in which Trezone has     succeeded very well, Wistrand clarifies.

 - The systems make the bulk work that has previously been done by individuals. There is no more need for anyone to enter data to Trezone         manually, Wistrand continues

The subsidiaries have more time to concentrate on business

 - Transparency is the most important thing here. Now we can see, as well as the subsidiaries themselves, what guarantees they have out,           Wistrand repeats.

Wistrand has proudly told his colleagues how easily they could control currency risks by using the Analyste solutions without bothering the employees of the subsidiaries.

 - Our subsidiaries have more time to do business, and they don’t have to think about if the time is right to make forex trading, Wistrand sums.

Watch from the video below what Uponor says abut Analyste's solutions.


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