Banking SaaS is a browser-based multi-bank service

Modern Banking :
what parts of your manual process could you handle with effective automation?

How could replacing manual, time-consuming steps in your payment and account reporting routines improve your business?

Solution for effective and reliable payment transactions and account reporting

Analyste Banking SaaS is a browser-based multi-bank service for automating the payments and account reporting of companies and organizations

We remove the workload heavy, manual steps of your day to day Banking routine

  • Retrieving materials from banks and sending payment materials to banks can be automated by the needs of each organization.

We ensure that your transactions are reliable and transparent

  • The basic version of the Banking SaaS includes ISO 20022-compliant payment services to the banks in use.
  • Automatic coding rules ensure that account statement transactions are coded reliably and efficiently, reducing the need for manual coding performed by users
  • As a result of integrated best payment practices, the Banking service offers a transparent payment process that is always in compliance with legislation and the requirements of internal control

It is flexible and versatile

  • Analyste Banking includes a complete integration into the financial systems of a third-party, such as accounting, sales ledger, purchase ledger, and payroll management.
  • Due to its modular structure, it is suited for companies and organizations of various sizes.
  • It enables different user roles and profiles: each user can be given appropriate user rights.

Saves time and money

  • Once the payment transactions are automatized, the professionals of financial management can focus on larger entities instead of routine and manual procedures.
  • Increased productivity: the company finances get a better return by optimizing financial expenses.