Stability and predictability for your company.

Analyste CashForecast adds stability and predictability to the economics of your organization.

CashForecast's main purpose is for tracking and reporting the income and expenditure of organizations. In addition to forecast data, CashForecast can also be used to track actual data.

Gives your company reliable cash flow forecasting

  • Multicurrency cash prediction on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. Flexible prediction table.
  • Reports either in graphical form or tables.
  • Real-time consolidation of cash predictions as well as both liquidity and currency positions on different hierarchical levels.
  • You can observe the development of the prediction accuracy on a company, national or organizational level. You can compare the actual cash flow to the predicted cash flow either in absolute terms or as a percentage discrepancy.

Releases and saves resources

  • Data can be brought from an unlimited amount of systems.
  • You’ll get rid of forecasting the cash flows from spreadsheets.
  • No more manual reviewing of accounts data and invoices or approximate calculations.

Gives a clear image of how much and where your company has cash balances

  • Cash balances are calculated automatically through account balances throughout the whole organization. The company and bank account data used in the Banking service can also be transferred to CashForecast according to customer preferences.
  • Forecast data is collected from financial management and ERP systems, such as accounts payable and accounts receivable systems, purchase invoice processing systems, or some other system (e.g. from CSV files generated in Excel). Banking automatically provides the bank account balance and manual payments data for the forecasts.

Helps you to develop monitoring and protection from currency risks

  • Currency position calculated through existing account balances and predicted cash flows.
  • Hedging proposals are based on corporate hedging policy.

Offers a cash forecasting solution fast and cost-efficiently

  • Deployment of Analyste CashForecast is done without an expensive and time-consuming software project.