Analyste knows its way with payment transactions

Analyste Oy was founded in March 2018, when Basware sold its Maksuliikenne and Finance businesses. Now we can serve you as an independent company again. The era of Analyste 2.0 has begun

Payment transactions and solutions regarding them are the core business of Analyste Oy. This enables an even better investment in product development and customer service. Our product family includes Analyste Banking and CashForecast as well as the older generation products Maksuliikenne and Finance Kassasuunnittelu.

Forward together

An operation that grew and evolved during Basware stays the same and continues to operate with familiar people. However, now we can talk about the beginning of the era of “Analyste 2.0”. We head strongly forward.

We want to be even closer to our customer’s daily payment transaction activities and create solutions and our services together so that they meet your needs. Many day-to-day routines are still manual and thus error-prone, and they consume a lot of time in the rush of everyday life.

Our job is to forecast future changes and offer our customers services that enable effective payment transaction management while maintaining their competitiveness.

The CEO of the new, independent, Analyste is Tomi Lod, who oversaw the whole P2P business of Finland during Basware.