Mikko Soirola is the new Managing Director of Analyste Oy. He has a strong IT and management background. Soirola is fascinated by the opportunity to be able to develop the new and innovative company in a field that is full of opportunities. In his free time, he enjoys speed and wine. Mikko Soirola (b. 1969,

Modern payments expert Analyste has acquired Exidio Oy’s entire business and share capital. The acquisition will enable an increasingly versatile service for the customers of both companies. The acquisition supports the growth strategy of Analyste. The agreement between Analyste and Exidio was signed on August 22, 2018. Analyste Oy specializes in modern payment services and

  Our roots at Analyste Oy go way back to 1981 but our operations started with the familiar name again in March 2018. This is when Basware sold its Payment services division and we became an independent company again. Our new company has a very strong history and domain expertise in Payments and CashForecasting that

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PSD2 is the new Payments Services Directive of EU. This directive will bring big changes to the banking transactions in the EU. Latest decisions have sought harmony within EU payments, but PSD2 will bring larger and more radical changes. The decision makers in the EU have wanted to increase competition and innovation in the payment

Greetings from Analyste!

  From consulting:   Hello! Analyste consultants are experienced professionals. We have altogether way over 100 years of experience from Maksuliikenne -payment transaction world. Our consulting team offers years of expertise as well as fresh ideas for commissioning projects. Some of our consultants have started with Maksuliikenne-projects during the time of “Analyste 1.0”. We also

Analyste 2.0 is here! Maksuliikenne-business transferred 1.3.2018 from Basware to its own independent company called Analyste Oy. What stayed the same and what will change? Operation continues – and improves Payment transaction operation remains the same despite the trade sale, and it continues to operate with the same familiar people. Basware Oyj announced in their

  There has happened and still is going to happen a lot of changes in the market, especially compared to the year 1988 when I first entered the business. We have all lived through many changes and turning points concerning payment transactions for one. There is no end to be seen to these changes –