COVID-19 Crisis Management: Why treasury & finance are pivotal to recovery

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Initiating a COVID-19 crisis management strategy is now top priority for people, businesses and Governments. Utilising and developing survival capabilities will prove challenging for many organisations including cash flow forecasting and managing risk around major supply chain disruptions. Diligent cash management and variance analysis are integral to recovery planning with finance and treasury leaders pivotal to success.

We joined forces with DNA Treasury to discuss how modern and affordable cash forecasting technology is liberating finance and treasury leaders from traditional spreadsheeting processes, freeing up valuable bandwidth to focus on crisis management and strategic recovery planning.

Chair: Anne-Marie Rice (Market Strategist at Analyste)

SpeakersDavid Kelin (CEO at DNA Treasury) & Anna-Lisa Natchev (VP Sales & Marketing at Analyste) 

We also wrote a blog about this topic, you can read it HERE.

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