Save money and resources by digitalizing your treasury and cash management operations.

Many modern tools aim to make life easier: less manual work, less human errors and better risk management. Analyste’s treasury and cash management solutions will help streamline various parts of the everyday processes, releasing your time for value adding activities.

Our solutions will suit you if:

  • You hate expensive IT projects
  • You want fast results
  • You want to get rid of spreadsheets or out-of-date software
  • You need better control over financial risks in your business operations
  • You need better control over operational risks in your financial processes

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You want to ensure that your data is safe and not accessible by external parties. Our solutions are designed with utmost focus on security. They are hosted in AWS and Azure, the leaders in cloud security and compliance. The user session is SSL secured and logins can be secured by two-factor authentication.

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You do not want beginners to provide an essential solution. We are not a startup even though we share the attitude of great startups. Our solutions have been developed since 1995 and they have thousands of users worldwide.

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You want a perfect fit for your business. You can easily integrate Analyste solutions with any ERP, you can configure them to support your processes and, if needed, we are happy to serve you even as a temporary companion.

All Analyste solutions available



A bank interfacing and payment automation solution for companies of all sizes. Helps you automate and control payments from any of your banks, and collects feedback and bank statements.
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A cash forecasting solution for companies of all sizes. Shows you how much liquidity you have now and in the future, and which currency-based flows you would need to hedge.
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Intra-company e-dealing solution for companies that have business units with FX and MM dealing needs. Trezone Dealing allows you to request, handle and store your internal FX and MM deals in one place.
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Centralizes the application, handling, reporting as well as the storage of all your bank and corporate guarantees. Trezone Guarantees is especially suitable for large companies with many business units and/or guarantees.
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Reduce the number of internal payments drastically! Trezone Netting module is practical for companies with large numbers of internal payments.
data imports, reports


No more manual sending of reports from treasury to subsidiaries! Trezone Reports module allows subs to access their current and archived treasury reports on-line.

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