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In Banking, best practices are in-built. The payment process is transparent and complies with legislative as well as internal control requirements.

Access control

User rights management based on roles and user profiles allows users of the Banking service to be granted only the necessary functionality. The right to create users can be granted to a different individual than the management of their access rights , to avoid risky work combinations.

Material-specific processes

The processes for electronical approvals and transmission can be specified on a batch basis to ensure that each content type will be appropriately handled before submission to the banks. The electronic approval can be further controlled by defining user-specific approval limits for a certain batch or an individual payment.

Event log

Log entries are automatically stored in the system. They can be used to provide retrospective verification of payment batches and data retrieval, changes in service settings, changes to users and their access rights as well aslogin activity.

Take control over payments and account reporting with Analyste Banking!


Material collected from the bank

  • Incoming payments with references
  • Bank account statements
  • Intra-day balances and transactions
  • Feedback of sent payments


  • Finvoice e-invoices
  • Feedback of sent Finvoice e-invoices

Material sent to banks

  • SEPA payments
  • Salary material
  • Currency payments


  • Instant payments
  • Finvoice e-invoices

Cloud based SaaS as a delivery model

Read more about SaaS

How cloud service differs from a locally installed solution?

A concrete difference between an installed license and a cloud service is that software updates are automatic and included in the cloud service agreement, requiring no effort from the customer. Using a cloud service engages minimal IT resources, if any.

At a modern workplace, exceptions must be possible to handle independently of time and place. You can log in to the cloud from any device because it is not dependent on a particular workstation. The duties and rights of individual users are defined based on their role, simplifying the necessary control and audit easy.

Security in the cloud

For a SaaS provider, security and performance are always key. In general, cloud services deliver better security than individual organizations can provide in their own environments. Thanks to economies of scale, cloud service providers can invest on meeting security and performance requirements at a level that would simply not make sense for the end users themselves.

Deployment and use

  • Quick and effortless deployment
  • A genuine cloud service with an intuitive user interface
  • A solution that adapts to your organization's needs
  • Simple integration with different financial management systems
  • Cost effective, no in-use consultancy cost
  • Professional customer service at your reach
  • You only pay for the features that you need

Flexible and versatile

  • Configurations can be adjusted directly in the user interface
  • Automatic error messages directly to your inbox
  • Comprehensive and tamper-proof logs
  • Enables different user roles and permissions
  • A bank-independent solution with more flexibility than an internet bank
  • Adapts to your organization's needs

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