Dear Analyste Maksuliikenne Customer,

Osuuspankki bank and Danske Bank are updating their web services data connections during the end of 2019. If you use the Maksuliikenne application for connections to Danske Bank or Osuuspankki, you will need to implement changes to your Maksuliikenne application regarding these banks. If these changes are not made, your data connections to these banks will end once the banks commit their changes.

Please note: The Maksuliikenne application you are using is still named Basware Maksuliikenne due to the business transaction in 2018 where Basware Oyj sold the payment software business to Analyste Oy. The old versions of the application thus have the Basware name. This applies to the Windows version of the Maksuliikenne application that is typically installed on the customer’s on-premise computers.

Please contact Analyste customer support for instructions on the required changes and for answers to your questions. Please add the key word TLS to your email subject field when using email.

Please note that you may discard this notice in case you use the Banking SaaS or Maksuliikenne SaaS cloud services provided by Analyste.

Kind regards,
Analyste Customer Support, weekdays from 8am to 5pm
Tel. +358 104 195 220