Partner with Analyste to improve your customer satisfaction

Partnering with Analyste allows you to offer proven best practices solutions to your customers with minimal time to market. Select your preferred level of engagement and increase your value-add to your customers.

Partnership models

Analyste cloud services are available for you to offer to your end customers via three different partnership options. Contact us to discuss your preferences in more detail.

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Co-selling partner

As Analyste co-seller, you will be trained to identify customers that would benefit from using our solutions. The service agreement will be established between Analyste and the end customer, while you contribute to the sales and implementation process at a level suitable to you.

This partnership model is ideal for Treasury and Cash Management consultants who want to find the best solutions for their end customers case by case, but do not wish to become solution providers.

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Re-selling partner

As Analyste re-seller, your solution stack will include all or some parts of our offering. You will own the commercial relationship with the end customer, while Analyste is your vendor for the technical solution.
This partnership model is applicable for Solution providers who would like to be able to complete their existing offering with components from Analyste. We expect you to provide first line customer support to your end users.

The Treasury modules of our offering are also available to you as white-label solutions.

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Implementation and services partner

As Analyste implementation and services partner, you will deliver professional services and help our customers develop their treasury and cash management processes through the use of Analyste solutions. You will be either our subcontractor or fully independent consultant engaged by the end customer.

Contact us to start training for the certification on the implementation and configuration of our solutions.

All Analyste modules available

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A bank interfacing and payment automation solution for companies of all sizes. Helps you automate and control payments from any of your banks, and collects feedback and bank statements.
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A cash forecasting solution for companies of all sizes. Shows you how much liquidity you have now and in the future, and which currency-based flows you would need to hedge.
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Intra-company e-dealing solution for companies that have business units with FX and MM dealing needs. Analyste Dealing allows you to request, handle and store your internal FX and MM deals in one place.
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Centralizes the application, handling, reporting as well as the storage of all your bank and corporate guarantees. Analyste Guarantees is especially suitable for large companies with many business units and/or guarantees.
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Reduce the number of internal payments drastically! Analyste Netting module is practical for companies with large numbers of internal payments.
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No more manual sending of reports from treasury to subsidiaries! Analyste Reports module allows subs to access their current and archived treasury reports on-line.

Analyste partners include

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